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Holly W. Oceanside, CA
"I have been blessed and guided by Lisa and my angel readings for over 6 years now. She has been an amazing part of my life and I know the positive direction my life is going is because of her teachings and guidance! Thank you Lisa!"

Baron B. CA
"During the times in my life when I feel like I don't even know what to do with myself, I see Lisa. Her words are so powerful and uplifting. She has never failed to help me find my way out of the deepest holes, which I've dug myself into, and there's not one single detail that she misses. It's been about a year since my last reading with her and I'm simply amazed to find that I'm still experiencing things she was able to describe with utmost precision. She speaks with a warmness and understanding that makes you feel comfortable to open up, which she couples with the boldness to express the things we may not want to, but will certainly be in our best interest to hear. If Lisa hasn't given you a reading, you haven't experienced the profoundness of what a true medium can do for you and your life. Simply put, Lisa is amazing."

Elizabeth B. Augusta, GA
"I had a reading done by Lisa today and she was spot on. I would schedule with Lisa again!

Brooke C. Brooklyn, NY
"Lisa Adams has aided me immeasurably at the exact time I needed to help myself heal and at the exact issue I was aiming. I cannot recommend Lisa enough….MORE

Tabitha A. Pharump, NV
"I am a beginner reader myself, and have seen many in my time,  so I have to tell you Lisa is one of the best I have seen. Lisa has done readings for myself….MORE

Kelly Stark. Ephrata, Pa
"When I have my readings with Lisa, she always knows whats going on in my life. Being a big spiritual influence to me, she is down to earth and gentle on delivering the good and the not so good that I need to hear at the time..….MORE

Rebecca N. Santa Ana, CA
"I had a reading from Lisa when I was feeling lost and she touched on things that resonated with me,  leaving me feeling 100% better and right on track."

Marlene, CA
"If you want straight to the point direct answers Lisa is the one to give to give it to you like it is. She has a clear connection to spirit and truly likes to help people. You will walk away feeling satisfied and even amazed how the spirit world really is here in our lives to help, Lisa has connections to the Angels!"