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About Lisa

My Experience

Lisa, a natural-born Psychic Medium, has been helping others find clarity and peace of mind all her life and professionally for over 15 years.  

A former hairstylist and educator, Lisa combines her innately accessible personality with her intuitive gifts to quickly connect and compassionately find the heart of any matter.

​Self-describing her style as “Directness Tempered with Love,” she offers psychic counseling specializing in relationships, business, personal, family, romance, post-rehab counseling
and life path-focused sessions.

Lisa is an Ordained Minister and Psychic/Medium who uses her versatile talents as an Angel Card Reader, Psychometry Reader or with no tools at all to provide you with the empowered knowledge and results you need.

"My work in Mediumship is making connections with and delivering messages from people who have crossed over to the loved ones that remain. I receive information primarily and directly from your crossed over loved ones, spirit guides and angels."